Oh, oh, the friggin’ snow

Did you notice that my blog title rhymes today? I’ll bet that you’re really impressed, eh? (I’m actually a published poet and no, my poems don’t usually rhyme. Or at least I hope that they don’t.)

But poems aside, the snow is getting me down. We got dumped with about eight inches of the wet and dreadful stuff. It snowed most of the day and then (sneakily!) slowed down mid-afternoon, only to lash out again.

This is how it looked out the backyard.

I know, I know–it’s pretty. But after looking at this for five months I kind of wanted to see a little bit of green. Or bare pavement! Or the god-honest ground.

This is the dog digging for moose poop in the backyard. She loves moose poop, can’t keep her away from the stuff. She also loves horse poop, though that’s only a problem during the summer on the Campbell Creek trails.

Go, Beebs!

What depressed me so about the snow (another rhyme, sorry) was that the trails and roads were just becoming almost, kinda, sorta runnable. I was becoming excited! I have my new road shoes all picked out! And then this. I spent the early afternoon slumped on the couch eating pretzels, it was that bad.

Then I pulled myself together and got myself to the gym, where I ran 12 miles on the treadmill. Sadly, I’m starting to like running on the treadmill, or at least I don’t mind it as much as I once did. There’s a zen to it. You can zone out and daydream (or at least I can. MM fell off the treadmill last week, hee, hee. Don’t worry, he wasn’t hurt, though he did end up with a teeny scrape on his finger which he of course had to show me. I think he wanted me to kiss it but I was making dinner at the time). Usually, I write in my head. It write such wonderful and pithy passages while running on the treadmill! Unfortunately, I rarely remember these by the time I get back home.

What I enjoy most about the treadmill, however, is that you can’t slow down. You have to maintain the same pace. You have to relax and hurt and then run beyond the hurt, and I love that phase, love when the hurt hits and I have to run through it. So in one sense, I don’t mind the treadmill that much. It’s starting to feel like a friend.

My new BFF: The treadmill at Planet Fitness. .

I’m also in love. Yes, and MM is jealous but he’ll get over it. I’m in love (love!) with the Brooks Glycerin 10 shoes. I don’t actually have a pair yet so I’m in the pining away stage, that heavy infatuation stage, when I can’t stop thinking of these shoes and wanting these shoes and knowing that I must, must possess these shoes as soon as possible.

I’ve never run in Brooks, isn’t that something? And I love my Asics oh-so-much. Yet I’m ready to make the change. (I also run in cheapo Adidas trail shoes with little cushion or support on the trails and love them as well, but on pavement these old legs of mine demand a bit of cushion.)

I love the wide toe box. I don’t love the price–$140. Ouch!

I’m also reading this book. It’s about running, of course, and it’s quite good. Daniloff, a recovered alcoholic, runs marathons in all the cities where he once messed up his life. It’s a way of making amends and reclaiming his spirit. Maybe we should all return to the places where life dealt us harsh blows or where we betrayed someone or had our heart stomped, and run marathons. I love the idea, don’t you?

Thanks for the book, Caleb. I am reading it slowly. I am savoring.


Tuesday: 12 miles
Thursday: 6 miles, lots of hills
Saturday: 12 miles

8 thoughts on “Oh, oh, the friggin’ snow

  1. ajh

    I don't blame you for being sick of the snow! We have little snow and I'm sick of the cold. I want to be out on my bike! Right now it is snow weather but it is supposed to warm up.
    I got a review up on Amazon. I'm not great at reviews but it's there adding to your star count. Loved it! Particularly loved Jay-Jay! Is your son as endearing as he is?


  2. Mary

    Omg. if I did a marathon every place I stomped on someone's heart as a wild young thing, I would be running all over the country. hee hee.


  3. Karen

    I think of brilliantly worded things while I'm running but then they're gone by the time I take off my shoes at home. I wish I could bring a tape recorder into my brain to save them for later!

    Sorry about the snow, it is a bummer this late in the year.

    Last weekend, I bought a pair of Glycerin 10s. Wore them once and returned them. They didn't feel as awesome as the huge price tag to me, so I went with my old standby road shoe: Brooks Ghost. Have you tried that one on? It is a bit cheaper.


  4. Cinthia

    I saw your reveiw and loved it! Thanks so, so much! Did you get my note I left on your blog?
    Snow still here. Bikes still stuffed in the storage room. Poor things won't be out for at least another month.
    P.S. My dogs says she's better looking than your son's dog, hee, hee.


  5. Cinthia

    I bought them! The Ghosts! I actually like them better than the Glycerins, which felt clumpy beside the Ghost. In fact, I have them on now. Love the roomy toe box. Thanks so much for the suggestion. Always cool to save $30.
    Cheers and happy running.


  6. Cinthia

    Thanks, Darlene! I took your and Karen's advice and didn't buy the Glycerins. I got the Ghost instead and am very happy. Who would have thought, eh? Cheers and hope you're out running on roads and trails without any horrible snow, hee, hee.


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