Sunny 16-miler, first place and MM wins his first ribbon

It’s been quite the week.

Temps soared to the high 70s, an almost unheard of occurrence here in Anchorage, and after one quick rain, everything suddenly became green. The lilacs are blooming in our yard, along with orange poppies, and the neighborhood is so green that it almost makes my eyes hurt, it is such a beautiful sight.

Unfortunately, I don’t have many pictures, since my skinny digital camera died (and who can blame it, after the abuse it’s seen in my hands these past four years. The poor thing has been dropped in the mud, banged against trees, left out overnight in the rain and carried along on thousands of miles of sweaty runs, where it’s been jammed inside my pack, Gus and gels oozing across its little lens).

I did get this:

Another first place finish at the very small Anchorage Running Club races. This time it was a 10K. More exciting: MM picked up his first running ribbon ever in the men’s division.

So proud of him!

Friday I ran a fast 12 miles over the freshly paved section of the Coastal Trail and wow, the new asphalt was so soft it felt as if I were flying (I wasn’t, trust me).

Sunday I ran 16 miles over trails in 77 degree temps. I only had two small water bottles in my pack and planned to circle back to the car and refill after eight miles.

Instead, I became lost on the hilliest sections, the BLM and Ritcher loop trails, which led me to the Hilltop ski area cross country trails, which are up, up, up and down, down, down the whole friggin’ way. I spent over five miles on that hilly section and by the time I found my way back, I was out of water and still five miles from the trailhead.

I’m not used to having to drink so much on long runs. But, oh my! My throat was parched, my mouth was dry, and the only thing I could think of was ice cubes clinking into a glass. I thought of this for five long and thirsty miles. And yes, that first post-run chug of water was pure heaven.

I’m also spending time at the beach with my favorite girlfriend.

This is at about 9 p.m. So much sunlight!
Downtown Anchorage, from the beach. I can’t imagine living without mountains.
See how high the sun still is, even in the evening? Love. It.

Enjoy the sunshine, everyone.

4 thoughts on “Sunny 16-miler, first place and MM wins his first ribbon

  1. Karen

    Why do I keep revisiting Alaska in the winter? Really now. Next year it might have to be summer with all the other tourists. 🙂

    Great job on the win! RIP to your camera, I feel like the end is near for my running camera too. So much abuse.


  2. Cinthia

    Are you going to get an iPhone? I'm resisting but wondering if I'm being stupid and it might be easier to snap photos from my phone, not a skinny camera. But then I'd have to be more careful with my phone and I hate, hate, hate being careful on the trails. I want to get muddy and dirty and have fun.
    Yes, you guys should totally visit Alaska in the summer. It's easy to avoid the tourists if you avoid downtown and other “hot” spots.
    Cheers and happy running,


  3. Anne

    Alaska has absolutely gorgeous views…wow! Congrats on your first place finish…and on MM's third place…you two rock!
    I hope you're doing well…the iphone works well for photos, but you definitely can't let it fall in the mud 🙂


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