More Alaska stupidness

A lot of stupidity takes place in Alaska in the summertime. Much of this is happens to tourist, who come up here with fuzzy illusions and get charged by “cute” moose or lost on steep hiking trails that they have no business hiking in the first place (some dude was just rescued on Mount Marathon last week. Please! The trailhead warns against recreational hikers. It’s a tough mother of a mountain).

But today’s stupidity was performed by an Alaskan, who darned well should have known better.

The story in brief: A guy drinking at a church picnic out by Elkutna Lake (drinking at a church picnic??) fed a bear BBQ and was later mauled by the same bear.

Duh! Like what did he expect?

Help! I’m training for a marathon! Please feed me BBQ!

Here’s the story from my old alma mater paper, the Anchorage Daily News.

2 thoughts on “More Alaska stupidness

  1. Mary

    Tourists can be dumb, but I found when I lived in SE that the majority of people hurting themselves were locals. No life jackets in particular. Drinking in the boat. Etc. I once got stranded out in the wilderness with four Alaskan men who had not thought to bring any survival gear. It was a good thing it didn't rain that night. I gave up my space blanket, some food, and let one of them sleep in my tent. What were they thinking? You fly in with a float plane. What if it can't come back?


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