Too fast, too soon, and I’m in the newspaper

Well, I ran my 6-miler too fast the other day (um, almost race pace. Couldn’t help it; it felt so good to move), and decided to take today off and swim instead. I’m starting to love swimming more and more, especially since I’ve been lifting weights and my puny arms can now put a little heft in my strokes.

Other news: It snowed today. I’d post a picture but I’ve been inside all day trying to finish up a writing assignment. Seems I overwrote a bit. Like, 500 words. Oops! Sorry about that, dear editor. Please allow me to chop and hack my piece to death until I get it down to word count, okay?

Also, I was in the newspaper today. An essay about running, aptly titled “Running,” won two awards and was selected for publication in this year’s “Best American Sports Writing.” The majority of the entries are from very established writers hailing from big cities and big publication. And then there’s me, a woman who can’t walk in high heels or pronounce six-syllable words. I might not be sophisticated but I can run, damn it. Or I used to be able to run. And someday soon will run again. is more than way of life for Alaska writer with essay featured in anthology

Suzanna Caldwell


Cinthia Ritchie descending the mountain during the 2011 Mt Marathon race in Seward. Loren Holmes photo

“Cinthia Ritchie is obsessed with running. She collects specialty running shirts like prizes and spends much of free time researching the latest in gear, from goos to shoes to water belts.But for all her obsession, running is much more than that. It’s like a form of prayer, a meditation, a source of strength, and even more importantly, joy.

Ritchie explores those themes in her essay “Running,” which will be included in this year’s “Best American Sports Writing” anthology due out Oct. 8. The essay is one of a dozen from such prestigious publications as The New York Times Magazine, Sports Illustrated, ESPN and The New Yorker.”

Here’s a link to the rest of The Alaska Dispatch story, “Running is more than way of life for Alaska writer with essay featured in anthology.”

Interviewing Lisa Murkowski a few years ago, down in Seward, AK. Do you remember me, Lisa? Probably not. Probably I was just another news reporter you had to suck up to. But still, thank you for being so gracious, and for not crying.

7 thoughts on “Too fast, too soon, and I’m in the newspaper

  1. Cinthia

    Patience–what is that? I ran yesterday too, hee, hee. Four solid miles with MM. Beautiful weather, very crisp and cool. I love the sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet.


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