Another great, though short, run

I’m in the second week of post-injury running and so far, so good. My foot is holding up, though it aches slightly the first mile or so. Maybe I need to stretch out my arch first?

Here’s how it’s gone down the past couple of days:

Saturday: Swimming: 92 lengths of the pool (I think that’s about 2,500 yards or 1.5 miles)

Sunday: Gym: 40 minutes elliptical, 30 minutes weights

Monday:  Running: Four miles with MM. Started slow but picked it up to a decent pace.

Tuesday:  Swimming: 68 lengths (just over 1 mile)

I’m hitting okay times. Nothing like I had been running before the injury but I’ll take it. Mostly, it feels good to simply run, to allow my body to move in that familiar and well-loved motion.

Hello, 8s. I’ve missed you so. (Okay, it’s the high 8s, but I’ll take it.)

The bummer is that I have to stay off trails for a couple of weeks, to lessen the chance of twisting/ re-injuring my foot. I’m running on pavement, which is NOT my favorite thing. I so miss the trails. I know a lot of runners love pavement but it’s not my thing. The only way I can tolerate it is by blasting tunes in my ears (Hello, trashy 80s music. My favorite this week? “Tainted Love,” by Soft Cell. I know, I know–trashy).

Oh, trails, I miss you so!

Have a great day, everyone.

P.S. Any views or recommendations on a good but inexpensive foam roller? Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Another great, though short, run

  1. Karen

    Soon all the pavement will be covered in snow though right? That is a good compromise between trail and pavement, I think. I've got a Trigger Point Grid roller. It is about $40, but I love that it doesn't wear down and is hollow inside. It works great for traveling. I'm in Utah right now and brought it with me, I stuffed it with clothes when I packed up, took up almost no room at all that way. I swear, that thing comes with me everywhere.


  2. Cinthia

    That's so funny! Because when I was swimming yesterday I imagined doing a tri. There aren't many around here, though, and I don't have a fast bike, just a mountain bike. But so what, eh? Maybe I will next year. How cool would that be? Maybe I'd even make it to the podium, as you did. Though I doubt it. I'm a really, really slow swimmer, hee, hee. Cheers,


  3. Cinthia

    You are so right, Karen, soon the pavement will be covered with snow. It's almost a cheery thought, when put into perspective. I'm going to check Amazon for a Trigger Point Grid roller, thanks for the tip. And enjoy Utah. It is amazingly beautiful, isn't it? Can't wait to see all of the photos. Have a great time!


  4. egb

    I'm the same. I like music on the roads but not on the trails. Silly music is by far the best esp when you are slogging through lots of miles!

    I've had stiffness/tightness in my foot for the 1st mile or so lately as well. Haven't decided if stretching helps. It definitely helps post-run!


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