Spring runs

Oh spring, how I love thee. Especially when thee arrives early. I’ve been hitting the trails lately. They’re clear of snow and muddy in places (how I love me some mud!), and the air smells damp and sharp, with that particular fragrance of leaves waiting to unfold.

DSCN2240 (2)

Running in the mud with Seriously, the dog we watched and had to return to her owners last week, sigh, sigh.

Having spent a good part of the winter in Tucson and Philly, I had forgotten the joy of running over Alaska trails.


My favorite Tucson trail.


Favorite Philly trail.

DSCN1476 (2)

Favorite Anchorage trail.

I don’t have any particular race plans at this time. I’m tentatively training for the Mayor’s Marathon in June, I’m signed up for Mount Marathon and will probably run the Trent/Waldron Glacier Half Marathon in late May because, you know, it’s on my birthday and what better way to celebrate than suffer through 13 miles at a pace faster than I can easily sustain.

Other than that, I’m just running for the fun of it, with no big goal in mind. It’s the best way to run, I think, free and unencumbered, the way we all used to run as children.

DSCN2232 (2) DSCN2241 (2)_MG_0469_MG_0475

4 thoughts on “Spring runs

  1. Karen

    What’s the name of your favorite Anchorage trail? My running pal, Rachel, and I are taking a trip up to Fairbanks in August. I don’t know if we’ll have time to swing by your place, but you should take us there if we show up on your doorstep!! πŸ™‚

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    1. cinthiaritchie

      How cool, Karen, I might get to see you again this year, and run together this time. And meet Rachel. My very, very favorite trail run is up Middle Fork, and oh, the views are incredible, and then down Powerline Pass: down, down, down for three glorious miles of roughish footing. Hope to see you. P.S. I never got around to mailing your package, for which I apologize. I ate most of the goodies while caught in writerly anguish. I will replace them and send out soon. P.S.S. I’ve also been getting killer sinus headaches, and I’ve never really had headaches before. Strange (I think aliens are poisoning us, lol). Cheers, take care and have some great runs on me, okay?


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